Where does Hookah come from??

Many people are unsure of where the hookah comes from but it is believed to have come from india. in the early 14th century.Smoking the hookah is an ancient tradition derived from India and Persia that uses a water pipe to smoke flavored shisha.  A hookah is a long device that is composed of several parts that allows the shisha to be burned and the smoke inhaled after traveling through water. Hookahs are commonly constructed out of metal and have a bowl at the top where the flavored shisha is burned.  The smoke is drawn down the shaft and through the water until it is inhaled through a hose, where the user will be able to taste the flavor of the shisha.  Shisha comes in many flavors, such as strawberry, peach, and mint, which adds to the attraction of smoking the hookah.  The idea of the hookah was created so that the smoke could be cooled and purified as it passes through the water in the bottom of the hookah.  There are many styles of hookahs and they can be custom designed for each user, allowing a
completely unique experience for every smoker.

Hakim Abul Fateh Gilani, of Iran, migrated to India in
1588 and came up with the idea that a waterpipe would be safer to
smoke than normal smoking methods.  He developed an idea for passing
the smoke through water in order to purify the smoke and this quickly
spread to the noble class in India.  It became a symbol of wealth and
power in India and Persia, but slowly spread so that it became a
tradition within the entire population.  The hookah can now be found
around the world, especially in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast
Asia, and there is a growing population of users in the United States
and Canada.  Since the 1980s, the number of hookah users in the United
States has grown considerably and many young people enjoy the relaxing
and social benefits of smoking the hookah.  Since it is legal to smoke
hookah and shisha, people can go to Hookah bars and lounges to
socialize with other people while smoking.

Smoking the hookah is completely legal in the United
States and is considered more for  as a social  activity.  While the
smoke is drawn through water before inhaling it, it has not been
proven to be safer than normal smoking.  Users should exercise caution
and be aware of the risks but still enjoy the benefits of smoking.
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