Quick Facts about Hookah


  1. Compared to a single cigarette, hookah smoke is known to contain:
  2. Higher levels of arsenic, lead, and nickel1
  3. 36 times more tar6
  4. 15 times more carbon monoxide4
  5. Smoking a hookah requires taking longer and harder drags, increasing levels of inhaled nicotine and carcinogens in the lungs.
  6. The longer the hookah session, the more nicotine and toxins one takes in.
  7. A 45 to 60 minute hookah session exposes the smoker to approximately the same amount of tar and nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. 3
  8. Sharing mouthpieces without washing them can increase the risk of spreading colds, flu, and infections—even oral herpes.7
  9. Health risks of smoking hookahs include cancer, heart disease, lung damage, and denta disease.5
  10.  Do not think that if you are just visiting a hookah bar, that you are in the clear. There are still high levels of damaging secondhand smoke to all who are present
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