What is hookah?

What is a hookah?? being a true hookah smoker, I often get this question asked, So I thought I would explain it so everyone one can understand what a hookah is. So lets start off with the first question what is a hookah. A hookah is a simple smoking device that is usually made out of either metal ,brass or stainless steel. It consists of the following parts, a hookah bowl where the shisha or what is commonly know as flavored tobacco goes into to to be smoked.

Next you have the the shaft, . this is where the bowl lays on. On the other side of the shaft you have a metal adapter where the hose goes, that is what you use to smoke the hookah.. Next you have a rubber stopper, which stops the leaking of any air. It goes around the bottom on the shaft. Next you have a water stem which then is usually attached under the shaft, to allow the water to filter though the stem, and to the hookah bowl and which then allows you to taste what ever fruit you have inside the hookah, such as peach strawberry, mango mint, Many people think hookahs is similar to paraphernalia, that is just not true. Reason being you must be 18 years or older to order a hookah, it is a legal smoking device. Hookah myths smoking hookah is much safer then smoking smoking cigarettes, no matter what you are still smoking, keep that in mind. Another myth is That a majority of people think just because the water contained in the hookah bowl is filtered it will get rid of chemicals inside the hookah, even though it does help. Smoke can still get into the lungs.

Hookah is a social event, so even though people think it is worse then smoking cigarettes that is not not a known fact, and since it is a social event , usually people don’t smoke It that often. Hookah facts Hookah is cheaper to buy then cigarettes, Hookah takes longer to make meaning unless with friends usually 1 will not take the time to set up and smoke alone. What is hookah video links?? tell me if you need videos there is not any good videos I do not need we need it but let me know thanks Hookah popularity among the world hookah has been around for quite some time, but no one really know where it came from or how it started, Most think hookah started in either in India or Turkey around the early 13th or 14th century but that can not be proven so it will always be a mystery. Moving forward un until the late 1980’s hookah has been mostly popular in the middle East,as well as European countries. Now that hookah is getting more popular by the day more and more young teens in America are
starting to show interest in smoking hookah. Also more and more cities and towns are accepting hookah as a new social trend. As more places allow hookah smoking it wont be to long before hookah will be accepted at local bars and restaurants.

Best of all hookah is inexpensive and can last you a while. Average hookah time is about 45 minutes to as long as two hours. That depends on the supplies you have. Want to find a great place to buy a complete setup, at a great price? Then checkout our friends over at www.ugothookah.com. They have great prices and everything you need
to get started right away, From Nakhla shisha to Star Buzz shisha, to complete stater kits, Accessories, and multiple hookah hoses, best of all prices are very good. So why not checkout them out and them your hookah experience begin www.ugothookah.com. If you have any doubts about anything here why not email them they will answer all the questions and make you feel at ease when making your very first purchase. Hookah review The positives about smoking hookah Relaxation, it will keep your mind off of your stressful daily life, bring people closer, cheaper then cigarettes, harder to setup then having a cigarettes so unless you have a bunch of people wanting to smoke hookah all the time, its gonna be used less often meaning you smoke as often. Only 0.5% nicotine and no tar. If you buy the herbal shisha, there is no nicotine, no tar in the shisha. The negatives about hookah is more younger kids under 18 are getting addicted to it. Hookah bars do not id all the time so younger kids under 18 are allowed in.Also it is harder to know when selling hookah online who you are actually selling to Other then that Hookah is a social tend for a great occasion . And its not sum-thing people do often so why not give our friends At Ugothookah.com a visit and buy one of there great starter kits and see what hookah can do for you.

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